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Air Cooled Blower:

With the change in technologies and designs of the blower, Airvac adapted the new technology and started to manufacture  tri-lobe blower,These blower works with the capacity range of 100 m3/hr to 15,000 m3/hr up to the working pressure 1kg/cm2. The air delivery is 100% oil free.  Air blowers are positive displacement machines, which discharge a constant volume of air when operated at constant speed.


Tri-Lobe Vs Twin-Lobe Blower

Tri-lobe has a new technology having its tip arranged at 120 degrees around the rotor instead of 180 degrees as in twin lobe. It makes the rotor stiffer and helps to resist deflection at any load. This design increases the volumetric efficiency and reduces the operating temperatures. It has low vibrations and noise production making it more suitable for working. All this features make Tri-lobe more applicable.

Tri-lobe blower has a remarkable features against twin lobe blowers. Its overall efficiency is high than the twin lobe blower and it produces less noise and vibration.

For high pressure and heavy duty applications tri lobe roots blowers are better options than the twin lobe configurations. The tri lobe roots blowers can compress and sweep nearly 6 times the volume of air/gas in a revolution as compared to twin lobe roots blowers

This same tip orientation provides for more even load distribution between the rotor and gear sets, while under normal load cycling - this feature enhances the life of the bearings and gears - the six smaller volume chambers per revolution of the Tri-Lobe vs. four larger chambers of the two lobe, increases the pulsation frequency, allowing pulsation magnitude to be limited, and reducing characteristic noise levels.

Rotary tri lobe air blower

In this type of roots blower, the air act as the cooling medium to dissipate the heat generated by the blower during the operation. Generally, these blowers are suitable for pressure up to 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).

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