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Airvac, with its well-equipped facility offers a wide range of rotary twin lobe air blower. These blower works with the capacity range of 25 m3/hr to 10,000 m3/hr up to the working pressure 1kg/cm2. The air delivery is 100% oil free.  Air blowers are positive displacement machines, which discharge a constant volume of air when operated at constant speed. All these machines are suitable for both pressure and vacuum applications. Pressure is not developed inside the blower but by the demand of the system. Differential pressure, varies to meet the load conditions and system resistance. Horsepower required is proportional to the differential pressure across the suction and discharge of the blower. Blower acoustic hood are also available to cut down the noise to the acceptable tolerance range. These are available as package units, ready to install or as bare units for replacement. They are extensively used in cement plants, pneumatic conveying system, effluent treatment plants for aeration, water treatment plants for backwashing of filters, blending of power material, agitation of chemical solutions, aquaculture, electroplating, etc.


Airvac Rotary Twin Lobe Roots Blowers, also known as compressor, can be defined as displacement blower types, which focuses mainly towards root operational principles. This product can deliver 100% oil free services along with high volume within low pressure values. The power consumption is quite less with a trouble free operational measurement. You can avail these blowers in following segments:

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In this type of roots blower, the air act as the cooling medium to dissipate the heat generated by the blower during the operation. Generally, these blowers are suitable for pressure up to 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).

Water-cooled blowers are known for giving rise to water in order to lower the heat generated through the operational period. This product comes with water jacket, related with the interior plates for cooling down the bearings. Generally, these blowers are used when the pressure is more than 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).

Air Cooled Blower:

Water Cooled Blower:

Gas Blower:

Rotary Twin lobe air blower
Rotary twin lobe water cooled blower
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Rotary twin lobe gas blower

Gas Blowers can be defined as special blower types, where the compression chamber is separated from the gear and bearing chambers. This helps in preventing bearing damages, related with corrosive gas. You can avail these blowers in water cooled segments, where the pressure is not more than 7000 mmWG (0.7 Kg/cm2).​

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